Video And How Best To Use It

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With high-speed Internet connections becoming more commonplace in the market the taboo of having video on your website has faded. This does not mean that video should be overused, but it does have its place in your web presence. The most important thing to consider is if the video adds any value to your site, or is it simply there for the sake of having video. We’ll take a look at two products and how video might apply to them.

A book is something that everyone knows how to use. If you were to take a video of you flipping through the pages of the book then that video adds no value to the customer. They already know how a book works. Putting that video on your site does nothing but cause distraction and confusion.

Now if you were to take a video of an eReader, such as the Kindle or the Nook, and show how to use it and the benefits it provides the reader it would add value to the consumer. They may not know much about the product and since it is a newer product category they may not have any idea how it actually works. By providing a video tutorial of the product you may increase the chances of the customer following through with a purchase.

Video has its place on the Internet, but more importantly, there are places it should not be. In my opinion, a poorly used video is a larger negative than a properly placed video is a positive.

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